Reframing Aging

Working on issues important to older people? Find it challenging to make your case? Learn how to tell a new story about aging.

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We all age, yet the dominant messages about aging and older people are negative stereotypes, assumptions and misconceptions. Ageism — discrimination based on age — is a reality that impacts older adults every day with 82 percent of older adults experiencing one form of ageism daily, according to a recent survey. It makes it more difficult for older people to remain engaged, stifles the contributions of older residents and makes it more challenging to advocate for programs and services for older people.

We can tell a new story about aging.

The Reframing Aging Initiative takes a holistic approach using an evidence-based communication strategy as the core to create collective change in public discourse, policies and practices. Based on research from FrameWorks Institute, it offers specific recommendations and guiding principles to make your communications more effective.

Getting Started


Framing: the process of making choices about what to emphasize and what to leave unsaid. Learn themes to avoid and alternatives to advance.

Gaining Momentum

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A communications toolkit from FrameWorks Institute.

Video Tutorials

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Access FrameWorks Academy for an in-depth look at the research behind the Reframing Aging Initiative. This resource is free once you create an account.